The Importance Of Media Literacy In A Self-Generated Content World

BALTIMORE — To an incoming college freshman studying journalism:

You’re going to learn a lot of important skills that you will need to help hone and master your craft as a journalist.

You will learn all about AP Style, packages and VOSOT’s. Also, the importance of media ethics and law.

But there is one thing that you must make sure you learn and take with you for the rest of your career; that is, media literacy.

In today’s world of self-generated content, it’s important — more so than ever — to be able to understand and critically evaluate the piece of media you are consuming.

Anyone now has the ability to be a producer of content, so it can be pretty easy to read something and take it at face value.

However, you must be certain that you have the ability to sit down and make sure the piece of media you are consuming is factual and unbiased reporting.

It’s not always easy, and it’ s a time consuming process, but in the end, it’s critically important that you are an informed reporter that has the ability to do your job accurately and fairly.

The role of the journalist and the press is more important now than it has ever been, and being a great reporter all starts with being media literate.

‘It’s Everywhere’ | The Impacts Of Digital Convergence On The Media Consumer

BALTIMORE — Digital convergence has played such a big role in my life.

The biggest way that digital convergence has affected me has been in my professional career.

I first began my professional career as a multi media journalist in Beckley, West Virginia. While on the job, I realized that I had to do so much more than just shoot and edit my packages and VOSOT’s.

People spend the majority of their time on a smart phone, so to help push my content, I was constantly creating social media stories, live tweeting and doing FaceBook live videos so that my followers who didn’t watch the news saw what was going on.

This, to me, is such a great example of digital convergence. Now, media consumers don’t have to turn on the television to get their news; instead, it is all at their fingertips with their smartphones.

With that said, digital convergence has also impacted my personal media consumption habits. If I am traveling, I usually have my ESPN app open so that I can catchup on the latest scores and highlights.

Also, as a kid, The Baltimore Sun was always on my coffee table. Now, as a grown adult, I consume that content through The Sun’s website and Twitter account.

Whether people realize it or not, digital convergence is shaping our lives everyday. It is playing not only a role in our personal lives, but in our professional lives, too.

Digital convergence is everywhere.


The story of local sensation “Bazooka” Joe Veazey

By: Jordan Cope, Multimedia Reporter 

The timer sounds, and Joe Veazey walks over to the corner of the boxing ring. His once light red shirt has turned dark red with sweat, as he leans over an old metal bucket where he spits twice and waits for the timer to ring again.

Veazey — known in the ring as “Bazooka” Joe Veazey — has fought 101 amateur fights, won three national tournaments and is currently 1-0 as a professional boxer. Veazey will take his undefeated pro record into Martinsburg, West Virginia, Dec. 9. 



“[My first professional fight] was the first time I had nerves in over six or seven years,” Veazey said. “I’m just ready to get back in the ring. I want to be the fighter that brings ESPN to Royal Farms Arena. I want to be a household name in every language.”  

Veazey has been around the sport of boxing since he was a baby. His father — Vincent Veazey — was training for one of his last fights at Brooklyn Boxing Club in Baltimore when Joe was just 2-years-old.

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