Don’t miss North Point State Park

Is warm weather finally here to stay? Gosh, I sure hope so. Who the heck knows in Maryland, though, the only state where it seems that everyday is a new season!

If spring weather is upon Maryland, it’s time to get out of the house and into the great outdoors, and what better place to spend time outside this weekend than North Point State Park.

Located in Baltimore County in the small city of Edgemere, North Point consists of 1,310 acres and is surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay.

From personal experience, the park has something to offer everyone.

If you like to ride your bike, North Point is a great place to do so. The Park has blacktop trails if you are looking for a smooth ride and grassy trails if you are more adventurous.

The park also has a huge pier that extends fairly far into the Chesapeake Bay. The pier is a great place to watch the boats move about the waters on a warm sunny, or to cast a line into the water if you like to fish.

So, why is North Point so special? I’ll tell you why. There is a small sandy beach area that you can lay a towel down on a hot summer day, work on your tan and take a dip in the water when you can’t take the heat anymore. It’s like a small taste of Ocean City in Edgemere.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that North Point State Park is a great place for you history buffs.

One of the many trails at North Point, The Defenders Trail, was used during the War of 1812 and runs through the park.North Point State Park also hosted the Bay Shore Amusement Park which tourists used to flood from 1906 to 1947.


A look at the Chesapeake Bay from North Point State Park.

The park even has te original trolley station that used to take visitors to North Point when the Bay Shore Amusement Park was open.

I guess what I am trying to say that this place is more than just a beautiful Maryland State Park, it is a place of rich history.

So, let’s review. Why North Point State Park?

  • 1,310 acres surrounded by the beautiful shores of the Chesapeake Bay 
  • A great park with a lot of trails to backpack or ride your bike  
  • A large pier for those seeking a nice view or to fish 
  • Your own little slice of Ocean City 
  • Rich history all around

Skip the house chores this weekend, everyone. Get outside and see what this Maryland State Park has to offer you!


A look from the pier at North Point State Park.  


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