Everyday is Earth Day

In Washington D.C. this weekend, demonstrators will march to promote scientific-based public policy, targeted at the Trump administration in hopes of sparking change.

The “March for Science” will consist of scientists and supporters who oppose Trump’s policies surrounding the environment.

The march is slated to take place Saturday April 22, Earth Day.

Speaking of Earth Day, many cities across the country will be celebrating, looking to maintain and preserve our beautiful planet.

However, 57 percent of Americans believe that the environment will only get worse.

It’s sad to say, but humans are certainly not helping our environment. Taking a look at state parks in Maryland is, well, disgusting.

At Gunpowder Falls State Park, there is an abundance of trash scattered throughout the brush in the woods.

North Point State Park isn’t much better. Not only is there trash lined in plants, there is debris washing up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

Maybe the 57 percent of Americans who believe the environment will get worse will be right, as much as that pains me to say.

In March, president Trump proposed a budget that would slash federal funding for the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay.

If the federal government is not behind the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay, how will the community be behind the efforts?

As mentioned earlier, many cities across the country will be participating in Earth Day events.

In Washington D.C. the “March for Science is taking place. In Maryland, there will be a 5k in Annapolis and a cleanup of the Anacostia River.

It is certainly nice to see people pitching in on Earth Day, but the truth of the matter is Earth Day only lasts 24 hours.

If we want to preserve our planet for future generations, we need to treat everyday as Earth Day.

You may be asking, how is this possible? Seriously, everyone, there are numerous volunteer opportunities at Maryland State Parks. Also, please just take the opportunity to pitch your trash into a trash bin.


Photo by: Jordan Cope; A plastic bag on the trail of Gunpowder Falls State Park.  

I cannot count on two hands how many times I have seen people throw their trash on the ground and get a kick out of it.

If everyone could just treat everyday as Earth Day, maybe our future generations will have a safe and healthy planet that they can call home.


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