Are you fracking kidding me?

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I’m an emotional guy. I don’t have any problem with wearing my emotions on my sleeve, no matter what it is that I’m feeling.

So, with that being said, I’m going to go ahead and say it. I’m pissed off at our government right now for the way they are treating our state parks.  

Last week, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice canceled a program that would have charged state park visitors a $2 cover fee. As if $2 is going to break our banks. 


Photo by Jordan Cope: A butterfly lands on the muddy terrains of Gunpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County, Maryland. 

This week, Ohio legislation added a clause in a pending budget that would take away Governor John Kasich’s ability to control the distribution of licenses for oil and gas drilling companies.  

What that means is that there could potentially be a window opening for hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, to occur in Ohio state parks.

Literally, how disgusting is that? The places that we are supposed to be able to enjoy could be potential sites for fracking.

For those of you who don’t know, fracking is the process that involves drilling down into the Earth’s crust, specifically targeting rocks, to release oil and gases.

Why is this a bad thing? Well, where should I start? Fracking releases toxic chemicals into the air that we breathe and contaminants our soil.

Worst of all, the chemicals that are released during the fracking process don’t always make it above ground. With that being said, those chemicals can make it into our water pipes.

I’ll never forget watching a documentary in my advanced placement environmental science class during junior year of high school. One of the documentary subjects who lived by a fracking site turned her faucet on and out came brown “water.” Not only that, she could hold a lighter to the faucet and have a sizable flame erupt.

This, people, this could all be happening in our state parks very soon. State parks are supposed to be our sanctuaries, the places we can go to escape and forget about life for a little while.

Though initially when I read the news I was pissed off, the more I think about it the more I realize that I’m just sad.

I’m sad for our government officials who are so selfish that they would sacrifice our environment for their own interests. I’m sad for my future grandchildren that may not have a safe, happy and healthy planet to live on. Most of all, I’m sad for our beautiful state parks.


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